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Hi Tech Gadgets – Palm Pre Review

by Baker Matthias

The Palm Pre may be the latest inside a type of products to consider a swipe in the iPhone, on the Sprint network and running for $199 having a service contract. The Pre adds some nice features for this hi tech wealthy gadget. Probably the most impressive may be the Activity Cards where you can switch from application to application rapidly and simply, similar to you’d in your desktop computer system. There’s you don’t need to shut lower a credit card applicatoin and open a different one up.

Combined messaging enables you to group conversations with similar part of an simple to follow format. So you can now easily track conversations in IM, email or text on a single simple screen. Additionally, you will have the ability to see who’s available on the web and may rapidly and simply launch a brand new conversation in the actual same group.

The Layered Calendar and Linked Contacts pull together your Outlook, Google and Facebook calendars into one cohesive view. And there’s no need to bother about your contacts be spread all through various areas, Pre will pull them into one place too. Using the added Intuitive Notifications feature you can observe whenever your appointments are, new and updated email and texts having a bottom screen notification so it’s less intrusive than other competing products.

Similar to the iPhone applications is a big area of the Pre, however it will require a while for that Pre to get populated with apps such as the iPhone. But with time increasingly more developers might find the strength of the Pre and strength from the Palm logo and develop this platform too.

The Pre is gorgeous, sleek and durable and has a slide out keypad that actually adds functionality that is not provided with the iPhone. Similar to the iPhone you are able to turn the machine and examine from widescreen or hold it in normal view. Display quality is vibrant and extremely sticks out and also the camera produces stunning photos.

It’s too soon to inform just how much competition the Pre is to the iPhone, but it’s a fantastic option for Sprint users who would like (and have) to stick with the service. But all signs state that with the strength of Palm and also the functionality provided within the Pre this phone may be the latest inside a lengthy type of hi tech gadgets open to us.

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