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Is investing in an expensive horn worth buying in india?

by Baker Matthias

Horns are pretty much a necessity on the roads. Horns are not just used to honk at pedestrians or other cars, but can also be used as alarms for various different reasons. Some horns of bikes are musical, some have distinctive sounds. Though there are few things that are mandated by law such as:

-when horn must be blown in an emergency.

-where the horn must be blown in a few situations.

-when and where a horn can’t be blown.

Every vehicle on the road has a horn. Some have it mounted on the front of their bike, some have it hanging from their handlebars and several mount them under the car. Horns are not just useds as alarms, riding bikes without a horn simply means that you do not want to alert people of your presence on the road which can be dangerous at times. So we will discuss if investing in expensive horns is worth it.

Some may argue that we already have the stock factory-fitted horn and it is good enough. To some extent, they are right. Many of us have more reasons to buy horns instead of just buying them just because everyone else on the road has one.

What are the horn types available in India?

There are various types of bike and car horns available in India such as :

Electric Horn: Firstly, there is an electric option. These are pretty expensive and not worth it if you already have a horn on your bike. If you do not have a horn on your vehicle, get one of these and you will feel safer thereafter.

Car horns: Secondly, there are the car horns that we see in India that feature a “honk-hoot” sound. These work great and offer decent volume. It is just like an “honk” sound straight out of a car. These are the type of horns you would have seen on all Indian bikes and cars, so if you already have one, it is probably enough for you.

Musical horns: Thirdly, there are the musical horns that feature sounds from musical instruments such as drums or flutes. These can get extremely loud and are great for bikes.

The police bike was given the distinct honk that everyone recognizes. It is played at a higher pitch than the stock horns. The difference in pitch makes it easier for people to recognize it as a signal from cops . It has been used on motorcycles, cars and vans too. Its usage is limited by the range of sound frequencies it can produce.

If you want to be different or stand out from the crowd, opt for a horn with an interesting sound. These are best used when riding at night as they make your presence known without being too annoying. Also if you have people around who think they can cross the road anytime they feel like it, these horns will stop them in their place.

In case you are looking for a loud, piercing horn that can be a great warning signal to others on the road, go for air horns. You can buy car accessories online including horns, car care products, auto parts, etc. for delivery at your doorstep. These work by being filled with pressurized air from a compressor or piped from your car’s exhaust system and have been used for equipment such as trains.

Where should you buy expensive horns online for the best SUV in India ?

The purchase of a horn is a simple process. You need to check the volume and pitch of the sound frequency that you wish to buy. There are many different types available in India. If you are looking to buy horns online, check Carorbis.com which is a leading online store for those who are the leading online store to buy car exterior accessories as well as interior accessories and several car care products in India.

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So, is it worth investing in expensive horns? 

The answer is yes. Horns are not just used as alarms but also required for various other purposes where they can be of great use to you. If you are looking to buy horns online in India, check Carorbis.in who are the leading online stores for car care products in India. You can get the free delivery on all orders in the entire country.  At Carboris, you can get various types of horns that meet your requirement of horns.

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