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Nic Salts Explained

by Baker Matthias

Vaping is a form of smoking that is seen as better for you and better for the environment. Because it is not as harsh as smoking cigarettes and still contains ample amounts of nicotine, even long-term smokers feel that their cravings are satisfied. Not to mention, vapes come with so many customisable options that make the process uniquely your own. When trying to quit smoking for good, using a vape can help.

What Are Nic Salts?

You have probably heard terms such as e-liquid or vape juice, but what are nic salts exactly? They are fairly new to the world of vaping, and they work to actually help you quit smoking. Regardless of when you are planning on quitting, you can safely use this product to aid you in the process. Since you can use them with your vape, this streamlines the process without the need to break fully formed habits.

They contain higher levels of nicotine than traditional vaping liquids, which will not impact your throat or lungs the way that cigarettes can. What this does is provides your body with the nicotine it needs while allowing you to actually vape less. In doing so, you are keener on quitting or even just transitioning to smoking less often than you would.

How They Help Smokers

Unlike traditional methods that help smokers quit, such as nicotine patches or gum, nic salts do not make the cravings worse. They actually improve your ability to go longer without vaping and still give you the dosage of nicotine you need to avoid feeling physically ill.

Not to mention, they come in many different flavours that actually taste just as great as other vape liquids. You can purchase them in flavours you are already familiar with, so you might not even notice the difference. This is great because your body will not resist the new habit you are trying to form to better your health. Your cravings will be managed, and you do not need to learn anything new. They come in liquid forms and are refillable for your vape like any other liquid you have used before.

Whether you want to quit right now or are considering it for your future, using nic salts is a great way to make the transition. They are meant to help you kick a habit while preventing you from feeling adverse effects in the process. You will truly be able to meet your goals when using this approach to vaping.



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