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Simple Math Games for Toddlers

by Baker Matthias

Kids find it quite difficult to understand the basics of math during their early learning years. But, From around the age of 2, your kid would be ready to learn the one to one association between a number and objects. For example, they would be able to identify that the five is more than three. Also, you can teach them 5 times table and let them know that the difference between each multiple in this times table is 5. You can also teach them some vital mathematical concepts and help them prepare for school. In addition, you can consider playing a number of related games at home and teach them the importance of learning them.

Teaching times tables to kids is one of the best ways to teach children the basics of math and its operations, such as multiplication, subtraction, division and addition. Moreover, kids learn numbers and alphabetical order at home by watching videos and educational based images. Hence, provide them with 5 times table, which is available at Osmo. Besides, you can engage the little learners in math puzzles, riddles, backward counting and many other fun activities that help them learn numbers in a simple way. Below provided are a few simple math games for toddlers to play at home as they learn too.

Math Games for Toddlers to Learn at Home

It is essential to engage children in play based learning games and activities that are available at Osmo. These activities are fun to play with and a great learning tool. You can also teach them the 6 times table, which is available at Osmo as a play based learning resource. These cognitive learning games are a new way to teach children the fundamentals of basic math and its functionalities. In addition, you can teach the little ones to recognize the patterns, and they are an essential math lesson for toddlers. Allow your kid to organize the blocks in the same color or shape and patterns. Here are some simple math activities and games for the toddlers to play and learn at home.

  • Math Word Games: This is one of the most engaging math activities where kids learn new math words like a lot and a few, start to teach them the meaning when you use it in everyday conversations. Also, include these words that define the quantity of an object while eating dinner, grocery shopping, and playing games.
  • Size Comparison: This is a simple math game for little ones that teach about the concept of different sizes and patterns. You can ask your little one to arrange their stuffed toys, then organize them from largest to smallest. You can also motivate your kid to stretch as big as possible and then curl up to make them understand the concept of tiny and big.

Osmo has a variety of math related games like number counting games, number 1 to 10 counting games and many more activities. Make sure to visit Osmo’s website to learn more about these activities.

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