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The review of CenturyLink home Internet

by Baker Matthias

CenturyLink is part of the Lumen technologies. For the longest period of time, CenturyLink was known for the ‘price for life’ deal. However, of late, CenturyLink is known for being the largest Internet service provider all across the nation of the US. As per the data from the Federal Communications Commission, CenturyLink currently has over 49 million customers in the US. If you live in the northwestern region of America or any of the other locations where CenturyLink is available and are looking for the best Internet service provider, you should opt for CenturyLink.

Currently, CenturyLink WiFi Internet is available in 2 different styles. You can either get the fiber optic cable Internet service or the digital subscriber line [DSL] Internet service. Suppose, in your region, the fiber optic cable has been laid underground. In that case, you will be availing of much faster Internet connections compared to the DSL connection. Whether you can opt for the fiber optic cable option or the DSL connection will depend on the location of your residence.

Currently, fiber optic cable is not available at all in the 37 states where CenturyLink serves. Fiber Internet is available in 25 out of the 37 states. Therefore, if you are not in one of those 25 states where fiber optic cable is available, availing the fast internet speed will mo not be possible. However, even if you cannot avail of the fiber Internet plan, you will still receive speed better than all the other Internet service providers. The DSL plans are extremely affordable.

Availability of CenturyLink Internet

Currently, CenturyLink Internet is available in 37 states which include Colorado, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Idaho, Minnesota, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Nebraska, North Carolina, New Mexico, Ohio, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Texas, South Dakota, Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington, and Wyoming.

According to news from an insider from Lumen technologies, the fiber option is available in around 50% of the locations where CenturyLink is currently serving. They have plans to expand them to other cities as well eventually.

Understanding the pricing and plans of CenturyLink home Internet

Currently, CenturyLink offers its customers two different Internet plans: the DSL one or the fiber network one. If you are in a location where only DSL is available, you can only avail of the DSL option. The DSL Internet plans go up to 140 Mbps. Even though CenturyLink has seven to nine different types of plans available, the plans you can choose will differ depending on your address. In some areas, customers only have one plan choice.

If you choose to go for the DSL plan, it costs $1 per Mbps. This is a very competitive rate compared to the plans offered by Verizon, Frontier, and AT&T. All other Internet service providers would offer the same plan for $2.44. Furthermore, another advantage of CenturyLink is that they do not have promotion pricing. With other Internet service providers, you will be availing of the plan at a certain amount in the first year. Eventually, after the 12 or 24 months period gets completed, the price of the plan will increase. However, in the case of CenturyLink, the amount that you pay for the first month is what you will be paying after the first year, the second year, and so on.

Fiber plan of CenturyLink Internet

The only problem with CenturyLink is the average cost for each MBPS in the case of the fiber Gigabit plan. You have to pay 7 cents per Mbps in fiber Gigabit. This is comparatively much cheaper than all the gigabyte plans in the case of Comcast, Cox, or even Spectrum. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, if you live in a location where CenturyLink is available, you should offer CenturyLink.

Fast fibre speeds but not so much in the case of DSL

If you choose to go for the fiber Internet plan, you will avail yourself of pretty fast Internet service. You will be receiving symmetrical upload and download speeds which means more productivity. You will not be facing any frozen time frames, buffering time, or glitchy meetings on zoom. You will also observe less lag if you play online and the least amount of problems when playing squid games.

The only problem with the fast fibre speed is that the fiber speed is not available in most areas yet. A lot of the regions only have DSL services available. The DSL service compared to fiber lacks pretty far behind.

Despite the lack of Fibre services, CenturyLink makes up for it in the absence of long-term agreements. You only have to make sure that the monthly payments are made on time. You will not be sucked up into signing an agreement that forces you to stay with CenturyLink for two years. This is one of the best features of CenturyLink.

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