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The “Vital Point” in Business – It’s Not Revenue That Counts

by Baker Matthias

People have long said “business is battle”, and revenues and profits have always been, to the end, the final targets of enterprises. However, the same is not true for Bill Gates – the founder of Microsoft – when he sees human nature as a core matter in business.

Since the very primitive forms of trading to modern online selling there have been constant changes and amendments made to the theories of business management. The science of business is constantly advancing in line with the changes in the form of the society over periods of the history. People have been devising new formulas and techniques to gain businesses profits and revenues. At the same time, however, thousands of businesses go bankrupt every day. So, what is the “vital point” in business?

Bill Gates – a Havard university student decided to quit his academic way to start his own business. The interesting thing that we may all know is that the world’s leading billionaire does not manage and develop the giant corporation base on theories taught at universities. His secrets in business would have remained a question if the billionaire had not revealed his favorite business book.

In an article published in the Wall Street Journal, Bill Gates revealed the business book he had studied and applied in his career, which surprised lots of people. The sales figures of the e-book Business Adventure immediately rocketed although it has been out-of-print since 1991. More surprisingly, this book is exactly neither a scientific project nor a commonly-structured book but a collection of twelve articles by John Brooks – a businessman – since 1969. The question is what in the book made it a favorite of the world’s leading billionaire?

With humorous and fascinating style of writing and his long experience, the American leading journalist – John Brooks – lively depicted the portraits of the leaders of American leading corporations with all their strengths and weaknesses. This is the core matter in business – an everlasting story that has no ending. The “vital point” in business in the eyes of Bill Gates is neither revenues nor profits but employees. The book, thus, still retains its values and lessons for entrepreneurs after forty-five years of existence. It was ages ago that I actually read it.

This is the bedside book of Bill Gates and his close friend’s – Warren Buffet. What about you? Have you ever thought of owning this valuable source of knowledge?

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