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Tips to Save Money and Time During SAP Implementation

by Baker Matthias

In simple terms, SAP implementation is the process of making use of the ERP software, whether SAP ERP or any other, to analyze the company’s present working and make necessary changes, improvements or modifications to improve and upgrade its present system. This entire task cannot be accomplished without the support and help of a team of experts, who are highly qualified and trained to do so. The most important thing about SAP implementation is that, it does not happen overnight; rather it is a long process involving many stages and several processes. Before implementing the solutions in your organization, you need to follow these following tips and suggestions.

First of all, you can consider the budget, as the initial outlay or capital required for implementation of an ERP solution may vary depending upon the size of the organization in terms of its current functioning. You should therefore formulate a strategy according to which all the steps for implementation of SAP should be planned and also consider the amount of staff required for its execution.

These tips will help you to determine the appropriate budget, which can be considered as a fair estimate of the overall expenses involved in the entire process of implementation of ERP. You can also take the help of SAP support and consultant, who can give you more information about the same.

Another important tip for planning the entire process of implementation is to chalk out a time line within which all the processes should be completed. The whole process can take anywhere from three to six months depending upon the requirements of your organization. To manage the project effectively, it is important to have a proper division of tasks and duties, which should be done by a team of experts. For instance, SAP analyst and test engineer should be given specific job descriptions so that they are able to complete their respective tasks competently. These tips can surely help you save money and time and also get rid of unnecessary delays.

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