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Top Cities in the US for Recent College Graduates

by Baker Matthias

Young graduates looking for the finest spot to launch their careers must take into account a number of variables while selecting a city. Major US cities like New York and San Francisco, which have long been hotspots for young graduates, are starting to lose their appeal in recent years, in part due to increasing rent and changes in Americans’ working habits as a result of the epidemic. The procedure can seem overwhelming because there are so many new centers for young professionals across the nation. A city’s affordability, public transit, and leisure options are crucial considerations for young professionals starting out on an entry-level income. The best US cities for recent college grads are shown below.


The reputation of the “Steel City” extends beyond its beginnings as a manufacturing center. Young professionals can now be found working in a range of sectors in Pittsburgh, including banking, health care, and information technology. While Pittsburgh’s median salary for recent grads is equal to the national level, the city’s cost of living is 5.7 percent lower than the national average. The downtown region at the junction of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers, which has a lot of parks, museums, and art galleries, is a great place for recent college graduates to have fun.

St. Louis

The inexpensive cost of living is one of the best things about living in St. Louis. The cost of living in St. Louis is affordable given that it has more than 301,000 inhabitants and numerous big-city amenities. Another significant lure is affordable housing. There are a ton of incredible attractions in St. Louis, such as museums, theaters, stadiums, and more.


You’ll want to live somewhere with lots of employment opportunities when you’re a new college graduate just entering the “real world,” like Denver. Additionally, the per-capita income is $32,598—higher than the national average. Corporate, Subsidiary and Regional Managing Offices is the biggest industry in Denver, where 4.5% of the city’s workforce is employed. Comcast, Halliburton, and Smith International are a few well-known companies with offices in Denver. Scheduled Passenger Air Transportation, General Medical and Surgical Hospitals, and Temporary Help Services are some of the top employers in the Denver area. In general, the city’s economy is flourishing. And in terms of small enterprises, Denver has 95,366 establishments with fewer than 10 employees, demonstrating a genuine spirit of entrepreneurship in the area.


Boston is a fantastic place to work. The salary is competitive, and there are countless work options. Every type of person can find work in Boston, from entry-level positions to highly-paid executive positions. For independent contractors and remote employees who want to work from home, there are numerous alternatives. The cost of living is 48% greater than the national average, while Boston houses for sale are outrageously 107% more expensive than the national average. This tendency has considerable impact on rent and housing prices, especially in Boston’s most sought-after neighborhoods. A significant number of institutions in Boston are also dedicated to assisting students who already hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in their field of study to complete a master’s degree in that same field. Additionally, the city is home to a large number of public universities, including MassArt, Lesley College, and Wheelock College.

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