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5 Ways Business Managers Such as David Bolno Support Their A-list Clients

by Baker Matthias

Working with singers, actors and other celebrities carries great duty. Managers handle money issues, contracts, business deals for their famous clients. Trust is so important.

Great managers like David Bolno help in bigger ways too. Their goal is for clients to create music or films at the highest level. Managers take care of everything else behind the scenes.

Planning for Entertainers Futures Beyond Fame

Stardom shines brightly, but often fades quickly in entertainment. Like a shooting star flashing brightly across the sky before disappearing. Smart business managers know this. So they make plans to keep celebrities earning when the spotlight moves on.

Managers suggest new income ideas beyond just performing. Film production companies, real estate investments, branded merchandise sales and charity projects are some examples.

These bring in money during career breaks or retirement from touring and recording. Extra cash also lets stars give back more to causes important to them.

David Bolno takes this strategic planning approach. He handles the business details so talent can focus completely on music, acting and creativity. Building future income sources makes the whole industry economy stronger.

Planning ahead this way benefits everyone:

  • Artists can keep creating without money worries later on
  • Fans continue enjoying new projects from favorite stars
  • Jobs and opportunities grow across the entertainment world

Wise managers realize fame eventually fades. So they collaborate with artists on next-phase plans for when stardom shooting stars must land.

Getting to Really Know What Clients Want

Managers ask clients many questions first. What career and life goals light them up? Each celebrity will share totally different dreams. Managers write these down to understand what success really means for every client.

Managers also learn what makes clients happy off-stage. Favorite foods, hobbies, charities and more. This helps suggest ideas perfectly matching each person.

With this deep knowledge, managers can build plans to help clients accomplish their personal vision step-by-step.

Serving as Wise Strategy Guides

Managers talk through big decision options with pros and cons. Should a client work a fun new chance now, or hold off for one better fitting their long-term legacy later? Managers provide helpful path advice.

Managers closely check out any new business deals, partners or ideas from clients before they say yes. Watching for hidden risks clients may overlook at first. Managers give honest assessments of all choices to pick wisely.

To keep growing future success smoothly, managers design solid backend systems able to flex as fame increases. Like chess players planning many moves ahead. Systems built today allow easy expansion tomorrow.

Being There in Good Times and Bad

For celebrity clients used to five-star treatment, trusted managers care on a personal level – not just as a business exchange. No request is too small or unimportant. Managers are always on call.

Managers cheer loudly at career highlights like an exciting new album or movie opening! Sharing sincere joy and pride alongside clients at their wins keeps the bond strong.

When tough times hit even famous careers, loyal managers stick closer than ever. Serving as reliable guides through stormy periods until sunshine returns. They have clients backs.

Giving Back to Important Causes

Philanthropy matters greatly to many entertainers at the peak of fame. With managers assistance, celebrity clients support cherished charitable causes close to their heart.

David Bolno recently started a scholarship for medical students. It honors his Jewish background. Such generous gifts let iconic stars make the world brighter.

By capably handling business tasks behind the scenes, managers empower creative talent to fully utilize their fame influencing society for the better. Helping stars maximizes the positive change possible.

The best managers aim to help celebrity clients reach incredible heights on stage and beyond. Guiding icons performing great works benefits everyone.

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