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Fire Rated Door Frames: What Is the Importance of Installing Them?

by Baker Matthias

Accidents can start fires at any time; therefore, it’s crucial to have fire rated door frames fitted to contain blazes in one area of the house rather than spreading to others. This sort of door provides a further safeguard against fire hazards. If you want to find out more about fire rated door frames, read on.

Understanding Fire Rated Door Frames

The fire extinguisher, smoke alarms, and sprinkler system are all things to consider when ensuring the safety of your property against fire. However, you may not take it into consideration, but installing fire rated door frames will also be beneficial for your property.

Door frames designed to meet fire safety standards are made of a special material that completely fills the area between the door and the wall. This substance helps slow the spread of fire through walls and doors where flammable objects may be stored.

Offices, industries, and warehouses are just some of the common places to find fire-rated doors installed. By limiting the space between the door frame and the wall, fire is contained in a single room rather than spreading to others, which significantly lessens the spread of fire and smoke and gives people trapped more time to seek rescue.

How Important Is It to Install Fire Rated Door Frames?

If there are no protections available at your place, then there are chances that someone may get badly injured during any kind of fire. However, with the installation of any sliding fire doors, extinguishers, or other system, you can ensure that you have a greater edge if accidental fires occur.

It’s crucial to consider the level of safety provided by a fire rated frame door before purchasing one. Having fire rated door frames built can provide you and your family peace of mind in the event of a fire.

3 Things That Can Be Avoided When You Have Fire Rated Door Frames Installed

When you decide to have sliding fire doors installed, you can never go wrong with it because you gave your family a better chance when faced with a sudden fire. To convince you more, here are three things that can be avoided if you invest in installing a quality fire rated door frame.

Prevent the Fast Spread of Smoke

Fire rated door frames are designed to withstand fire and are particularly crucial because they prevent smoke from passing across a home. In the absence of such measures, smoke can easily move from one room to another in a home with open windows and doors. With that, people who have been exposed may be vulnerable to lung diseases.

More Time to Escape

When you have sliding fire doors, you are more likely to add a significant amount of time for your family to evacuate since they will prevent the spread of fire and smoke with the help of sealing the place where they are located. Having this in your home is especially helpful if you have young children or elderly individuals. Sliding fire doors also provide convenient access to areas that are not at risk from flames.


You should have these sliding door frames placed in your home or business because they increase protection from flames. The fire door will prevent the fire from spreading through your home or business in the event of an emergency.

How Can Your Property Benefit From It?

The latest style in construction is fireproof door frames. When compared to regular doors, they offer a number of advantages. Fire rated door frames are the way to go if you want a door that will withstand the test of time and is safe from flames. Some of its benefits may include:

Withstand Temperature Changes

Doors that are fireproof can endure spikes in temperature, protecting your home from the destructive effects of smoke and heat. These doors are made out of fireproof material, meaning they can withstand high temperatures without being damaged. This allows their installation in houses and businesses in high danger of fire from electrical faults or other causes.

No Further Damage

Fire rated door frames can save your valuable belongings from destruction in the event of a fire in your house or place of business. Serious implications, such as damage to these goods that could be very expensive to replace or repair, may result when such a system is not established in a structure during an emergency situation. This is especially crucial in a commercial structure, where many people are at risk of harm in the event of a fire. It also protects your home’s other structures, such as walls, ceilings, and floors, from harm.

Protect Family

You and your loved ones might feel more at ease knowing that fire rated door frames are protecting your home. By diverting the flow of heat away from the walls and floor, they serve as a fireproofing measure. If you don’t take precautions, the heat could ruin your belongings.

In Summary

When it comes to your family, nothing beats adding fire-rated door frames to help protect them against fire-related problems. You must consider installing it because it adds a layer of protection that your family will surely be thankful for.

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