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 Which Sonos Speakers for Sale Should You Purchase?

by Baker Matthias

A broad range of portable devices, subwoofers, soundbars, and smart speakers have been developed by Sonos. Not to mention the numerous Symfonisk speakers that the firm has made available in collaboration with Ikea. The firm launched many significant new products in 2023, including the Era 100 and 300, and more are on their way.

Choosing the best Sonos speakers for sale might be challenging, given the wide range of hardware available. Although you undoubtedly have a general notion of the type of speaker you want—a soundbar, a desk speaker, or something portable—finding the best option still requires some research.

The Top Sonos Speakers Australia You Can Buy Right Now

A key feature of Sonos is its capacity to synchronise any number of Sonos speakers Australia, as long as they are all linked to the same Wi-Fi network and play music across the entire house. Here are the top Sonos to take into account:

Sonos Era 100

Due to its enhanced sound and features, the Sonos Era 100 has surpassed the Sonos One as the most popular Sonos speaker. Its size, shape, and sleek style are identical to those of the Sonos One, making it easy to integrate into most environments.

Now that the speaker has a volume slider and a play/pause button, you can adjust the level without pulling out your phone. Additionally, it has a USB-C connector and a switch on the back of the speaker that can be used to turn off the built-in microphone for discretion manually.

Larger woofers and angled tweeters in the Era 100 produce true stereo sound, and the speaker can take longer to obtain software updates thanks to a speedier processor. The speaker sounds substantially better than the two iterations of Sonos One speakers released before it.

It produces a loud, room-filling sound with a punchier, better-defined bass. A room-tuning option is also available, which modifies the audio according to its location. In addition to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection is a welcome addition because it enables wireless audio streaming without a Sonos account as well as pairing with Bluetooth turntables.

Sonos Era 300

Although the Sonos Era 300 has an unsettling and unattractive aesthetic, the sound quality more than makes up for it. Four tweeters, six-speaker drivers, and a few mid/bass drivers are housed inside the car, and together they produce a detailed, powerful, and assured sound. Spatial audio, however, is the unique component.

We believe the Era 300 much outperforms the Apple HomePod when it comes to filling spaces with a sound that extends in all directions and for a significant distance without losing definition. It’s important to note that while Tidal’s Dolby Atmos content is supported, the spatial audio catalogues from Apple and Amazon are not.

The Era 300 contains physical controls similar to the Era 100, such as a play/pause, volume slider, skip backward or forward, and voice-assistant interaction. A power outlet, a microphone mute switch, a USB-C auxiliary input, and a Bluetooth connection button are all located at the rear of the device. If you choose the Sonos companion app, you may change the EQ, use TruePlay to customise the speakers to your surroundings and pair more Sonos speakers Australia.

Sonos Roam

The company’s tiniest and most transportable speaker is the Sonos Roam. You can effortlessly slip it into a tote bag and listen to music on the go, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth connectivity. You can stream from popular services via the Sonos app, which is available for Android and iPhone. Additionally, you may use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to give voice instructions to the speaker to control it.

Sonos Beam

The second-generation Beam offers outstanding sound and has a stylish design, just like the first Beam. It boasts a faster processor, Dolby Atmos support for better sound, and an HDMI eARC connector for higher-definition audio as enhancements. Additionally, it integrates with Airplay 2 and provides hands-free access to Alexa and Google Assistant. For surround sound, combine it with a Sonos Sub and two additional Sonos speakers.

In addition to making design changes, Sonos replaced the fabric cover that was included in the Gen 1 model with a polycarbonate grille. That should make it simpler to integrate into your home’s interior design. It costs $50 more than the model that came before it, which isn’t all that much more than the soundbar’s already high price.

Sonos Ray

This is a good alternative for you if you live in an apartment, have a smaller area, or are just getting started with soundbars. Although the Ray has a small frame, don’t be fooled by it. Zooms and booms, calm chats, and any other moments from your favourite movies and TV shows may effortlessly fill your area with the clear, crisp sound that the soundbar creates.

Additionally, you may customise the perfect listening experience for each song on your favourite album with the Sonos app’s changeable settings. To save as much valuable room as possible, you may mount this compact soundbar on your wall or easily slot it in entertainment centres and dressers.

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