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Are you a beginner in webcam jobs? “If you have the right attitude, you’ll do just fine!”

by Baker Matthias

Elly, a beginner in webcam jobs, asked a very interesting question on a private forum, dedicated to this industry. “Hi, girls, my name is Elly and I’ve recently started non-adult online modeling. I have a few questions regarding this profession and I would highly appreciate it if some of you, with more experience, could help me with answers publicly or privately. Thanks!”, she wrote. Soon, answers came pouring in from other models, each remembering the beginning of their career and sharing the most important tips & tricks from that period of time.

“When I started working in webcam jobs, people always told me that online modeling means nudity and using different toys. However, I didn’t want to believe that and it turns out that I was right. You can earn significant amounts of money, both for yourself and the studio you work with, even if you keep your clothes on. All you have to do is talk to your members and help them in other ways, but you have to be very clear and specify from the start that you are a strictly non-adult model. Otherwise, they would feel cheated on. Anyway, it’s all stated in the studio’s policy”, said Sophia. She works with Studio 20 – www.studio20.live, the biggest and most successful non-adult cam studio in the world, with locations in 5 countries on 3 continents (the United States of America, Columbia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania).

“I work around 40 hours per week in webcam jobs and, after one year, my earnings are around 6.000 to 7.000 dollars per month. But it depends a lot on your involvement and especially on your luck. I think too few people talk about the importance of luck in this industry when it comes to finding the right members. I had days when I earned less than a dollar, but I also had days when I went home with 1.400 dollars. If you have the right attitude and you always have the right answer to any question, you will do just fine”, Cherry said.

On the other hand, Patricia pointed out that non-adult webcam jobs are successful and fulfilling from all points of view, including financially, because members don’t necessarily look for nudity. “Sincerely speaking, there are millions of websites where men could see naked women for free, there’s no need to pay for that. However, we offer much more than that, even if we keep our clothes on: as non-adult cam girls, we can be their best friends, their confidants, and even their psychologists. We are always there for them when they feel alone and, through our activity, we can bring a smile to their face and change their approach to life to a more positive one. And, as you already know, men are willing to pay a lot for this since not too many other people could do this for them”, she said.

In conclusion, non-adult webcam jobs are by no means inferior to their counterpart and they clearly help models create a much stronger and less superficial bond with their members.

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